New for 2015, SESNA Meetings on the 4th Tuesdays

Beginning January, 27th 2015, SESNA will meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Meetings will still be at 7pm at 19th and Mill St. in the Capital Park Wesleyan Church. Previously two other neighborhood associations met the same night as SESNA which sometimes created scheduling conflicts for city staff. Also some SESNA residents […]

neighborhood association meeting minutes for 5/13

SESNA Minutes 5/13/10

Board Members Present: Jan Munsey, Ken Jacobs, Marcia Hoak, John Stalnaker, Rob Gould, Jeff Leach, Mark Wieprect, Bill Smaldone, Brandy Kinch, Melanie Zermer.

Not Present: Leah McMillan, Nichole/Rick Retzman, Shannon Priem

Others: Chuck Bennett, Laura Tesler, Rose Kinch, Judith Dietz, Ada Martin, June Brown, Dave MacMillan, Dorothy & Zach Diehl, Oscar […]

Neighborhood Association Meeting 5/13

SESNA meets the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Capital Park Wesleyan Church and the Southeast Neighborhood Community Center (SENCC). Meetings are open to the public and members (residents, business owners, and property owners) are welcome and encouraged to attend.

This month, SESNA will be speaking with mayoral candidate Chuck Bennett, […]

SESNA Minutes 4/8

Board Members Present: Bill Smaldone, Melanie Zermer, Marcia Hoak, Ken Jacobs, John Stalnaker, Nichole Retzman, Rick Retzman, Rob Gould, Jeff Leach, Shannon Priem, Mark Wieprect. Not Present: Leah McMillan, Jan Munsey, Brandy Kinch.

Others: Anna Peterson, Roz Shirak, Emily Trussell, Vivian Chapman, Tom Eikers, Peter Dassow, Ada Martin, Sara Fischer, Teresa Amen, Zach & Dorothy […]

special SESNA meeting, 4/8

From neighbor and SESNA Secretary Melanie Zermer

Please join us this Thursday – April 8 – at our monthly gathering. 7pm at the Community Center at 19th and Mill Sts. Here’s what’s happening:

In addition to the regular police and code enforcement report, you will meet Mayoral Candidate, Anna Peterson. Laura Tesler, our City Councilor […]

March meeting minutes

SESNA Minutes 3/11/10

Board Members Present: Shannon Priem, Jeff Leach, Marcia Hoak, Brandy Kinch, Nicole Retzman, Leah McMillan, Melanie Zermer

Not Present: Bill Smaldone, Mark Wieprecht, Ken Jacobs, John Stalnaker, Rob Gould, Jan Munsey

Others: Zach Diehl, Addison Kinch, Chris Hagan, Nicole McDavid, Lindsey Walker, Rachel Cancino, Tom Eiker. Officer J.Pratt, SPD; Theresa Amen, Comp. […]

SESNA meeting minutes 2/11

Board Members Present: Bill Smaldone, Jeff Leach, John Stalnaker, Rob Gould, Brandy Kinch, Shannon Priem, Ken Jacobs, Rick Retzman, Leah McMillan, Mark Wieprecht, Melanie Zermer

Not Present: Marcia Hoak, Jan Munsey

Others: Marshal Curry, Angela Mahoney, Tom Eiker, Nicole McDavid, Chris Hanan, Belle Cotrell, Wendy Bales, Teresa Amen, Anne Watson, Julie Schwanak, Jane Brown, […]