Get Involved

Meeting Schedule for SESNA

SESNA meets the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Capital Park Wesleyan Church and the Southeast Neighborhood Community Center (SENCC), 410 19th Street SE – EXCEPT in the Summer months June, July and August. Check back here for that schedule next Summer.

Please contact the chairperson if you have questions concerning the agenda or the meeting schedule.

The October meeting is usually when SESNA holds an Annual Meeting.

All general meetings are open to the public and members (residents, business owners, and property owners) are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Volunteer at SESNA

    Why Volunteer??
    1. Meet neighbors.
    2. Improve your neighborhood.
    3. Opportunity to share common concerns with neighbors.
    4. Learn new skills (resume been looking kinda short?)
    5. Meet potential new friends.
    6. Work together with neighbors toward common goals.
    7. Chance to use your skills.
    8. Feel good about what you’ve accomplished.

SESNA Volunteer Opportunities

These are just a few of the opportunities available.  Some of the activities listed below are already happening, & others are awaiting someone to jumpstart them.  We’re open to new ideas!  Come to a SESNA meeting  & let’s brainstorm together!  Volunteers themselves, together with the Board, determine which activities are actually accomplished.  If you have questions or want to volunteer, call Rick at 559-9974 or Marcia or Rob at 363-1352.

  • Clean up a park
  • Pickup litter or organize a litter pickup
  • Work on Beautification Awards for most improved houses, properties
  • Help out with the Sesna Neighborhood Garden
  • Organize a Sesna gardens tour
  • Promote home ownership, esp. for 1st-time & low-income buyers.
  • Educate neighbors about code enforcement issues.
  • Encourage landlords to upgrade rental properties in Sesna & lessen problems.
  • Be a Block Contact to help cut down on crime on your block.
  • Educate neighbors about Sesna’s  Porchlight Campaign.
  • “Calm” traffic by working on Sesna’s “Drive Slowly” campaign.
  • Be a reading buddy at Richmond or Bush school
  • Do oral histories of long-time residents; transcribe & compile into booklet.
  • Research history of Sesna houses.  Research history of your own house. Compile a booklet of information about historic houses.
  • Develop a historic houses/sites walking tour.  Organize a workshop on researching & recording the history of your own house.