Neighborhood Partnership Program

SESNA area neighbors and community partners have been making a difference where they live and work since 1997 through the Neighborhood Partnership Program.  In January 2011, the SESNA Partnership Group officially joined forces with the South High Community Progress Team to form South Salem Connect.  The group is committed to continuing work on strengthening the SESNA Neighborhood while supporting children, families and neighborhood livability of all South Salem neighborhoods.  The group also plans to recruit members from beyond the boundaries of SESNA to include others within the South High feeder district.

Partners include neighbors, Capital Park Wesleyan Church, Richmond and Bush Schools, Willamette University, Marion-Polk Food Share, Salem Leadership Foundation, and others who care about the neighborhood.
South Salem Connect/SESNA Partnership provides an opportunity for people to identify issues, work together, and leverage additional resources as needed.   The focus of the process is community-based problem solving.   Issues are often identified through neighborhood gatherings such as community forums, door-to-door meetings, surveys and other conversations.
To share your ideas and concerns, attend a monthly South Salem Connect meeting (third Wed. of every month from 11:30am-1:00 pm at a different community partner location) or


Making a Difference in South Salem

By Rick Retzman, Neighbor and South Salem Connect Co-Chair

If you live in South Salem, I am your neighbor. I have lived in the South Salem High School catchment area for over ten years. I wanted to make my neighborhood an even better place to live so I joined with other South Salem residents and community groups as South Salem Connect to support children, families, and neighborhood livability in our community.

Our goals include:

•              Expand community involvement

•              Provide safe environments for children, families and South Salem residents

•              Support the development of fundamental skills in early childhood through high school-aged children during pivotal development periods

•              Strengthening families through adult skill development


All who are interested in joining us in supporting children, families, and neighborhood livability of the South Salem community are welcome.

South Salem Connect meets every third Wednesday at 11:30 am at different community partner locations.

For more information, to share your ideas, or to join our mailing list, please contact us at