Plant a Street Tree for Free

The South East Salem Neighborhood Association is working with the City of Salem to plant street trees. In 2012 we collected over 60 street tree requests and planted them in early 2013. The success of this project has been nationally recognized by the Alliance for Community Trees. We will continue working on this project until every possible street tree has been planted.

If space is available, you can choose a free street tree to be planted near your house. Trees improve the environment, your health, your property value — and are simply for you to enjoy. And, we’ll even help you plant it!

How this works

• This City of Salem brochure explains the tree program.

• Call or email us by June 30 to choose your tree. We have a printed catalog with pictures and descriptions. We will be glad to show you all the options.  For planting strips 4 feet and wider see this list of acceptable street trees.   For 3.5 feet planting strips see this list of utility trees.

• The trees have been selected by the city to not lift sidewalks or drop a lot of fruit.

• If you’d like, you can select a tree based on other trees being planted on your street.

• Trees will be ordered this summer and volunteers will plant your tree next winter in the curb strip in front of your house. You are welcome to help out. (The planted bare root trees are typically 6 to 8 feet tall.)

• We intend to make the tree planting a celebration of our wonderful, historic neighborhood, so please plan to help if you can. (We’ll provide information about the schedule this fall.)

Other details

Once your tree is planted, we would appreciate your help with watering. Watering is needed during the growing season, June (if dry) through August. Trees should be watered once a week with 5 gallons, added slowly. Daily watering promotes surface rooting (not good) and some root diseases. A simple reminder is to water the trees when you put your trash out. If you move away or are unable to water, we will help you.

We look forward to meeting you, helping you plant a tree, and making our Southeast Salem neighborhood even more appealing.


To request a tree or if you have questions about the tree planting project, please contact SESNA board member Jeff Leach.

Additional Information

Watering and Tree Care Sheet

Tree Request Sheet