Ice Cream Social a Success

SESNA’s June 24 Ice Cream Social was a hit! About 250 neighbors came out to Aldrich Park for ice cream, music, fun, and socializing. Umpqua Dairy did a great job scooping up ice cream for sundaes and cones, Roundhouse Band was amazing, and everyone enjoyed the sunny weather in one of our beautiful neighborhood parks.

State Street

The State Street Corridor table was extra busy! Folks said they’d been waiting a long time for something to finally happen with State Street, and how they hope it will become a great street that is a pleasure to walk, bike, and spend time on instead of just something you drive through to get somewhere else. We’ll have more on the State Street Corridor Plan and the July 16, 2018 City Council Public Hearing soon!

Issues and Ideas

At another station, we set up a flip chart with big sheets of paper and markers. We had two questions: What are the issues you are concerned about in the neighborhood, and what kinds of projects would you like to see in the neighborhood? The responses are listed below, and grouped by subject:


  • Safety
    • Broken sidewalks
    • Need street lights at 22nd and Townsend Way
    • Would like flashing light at 17th/Mill crosswalk
  • State Street
    • Need more shops on State Street
    • Need bike lanes on State Street
  • Traffic
    • Speeders on Cross Street
    • Speeders on 21st Street
    • Commercial traffic on 14th/Oxford; street too narrow for semis
    • (Note: A gentleman living on Rural near 23rd also mentioned speeders on 23rd when we were out distributing flyers.)
  • Interaction
    • Need more awareness of these neighborhood events, especially for those east of 17th


  • Bicycle/Pedestrian
    • Free bikes for kids
    • Path along Mill Creek
  • Community garden (or gardens)
  • Parks
    • Dog park
    • More parks in the neighborhood (Note: There are no parks in the parts of SESNA south of Mission Street.)
    • BBQ grills in parks
    • Water park
  • Events
    • Street Fair
    • More fairs/events “like this”

Some folks also wrote ideas or interests on their email list signup forms:

  • I’d help start a community garden
  • Outreach for our minority communities about immigration laws, affordable housing
  • Community lending library for yard equipment, tools, services
  • Recycling education
  • Community yard sale
  • Community space for volunteer-taught workshops/sports/classes

In our July email newsletter, we’ll include a survey on issues and projects, to ask everyone what issues they think we should focus on in the coming year and what projects you’d like to participate in.

This post will be updated with pictures and more details soon.


SESNA has many partners to thank for making this event such a success:

  • Umpqua Dairy served up about 9 gallons of Vanilla and their seasonal Lemon Poppy Seed ice cream. At 1/2 cup per cone or bowl, that’s 288 servings, and lots of happy neighbors!
  • Roundhouse Band played a wonderful acoustic set for all to enjoy.  See them soon at Block 15 Brewery and Taproom in Salem (July 11) or Silver Falls State Park (July 14). Click HERE to see when they are playing next.
  • Willamette Heritage Center (at Mission Mill) exhibited, sharing information about the Mission Mill Museum, exhibits, and upcoming events. One happy family one a one-year family membership in our raffle, and are looking forward to a full year of admission, including the annual Magic at the Mill celebration.
  • 13th Street Nursery is under new ownership as of this year, and very busy during the veggie season! They couldn’t join us in person, but donated a $50 gift card and a tote bag for our raffle.
  • Salem Health donated about half of our total printing for the event–we distributed 1,700 flyers–and tote bags and headbands for our raffle.
  • Cherriots gave away cool “Oregonian Crossing” yard signs, shared information about the WanderWalks mapping project, and helped folks learn about commuting options.
  • City of Salem provided the very important port-a-potty, five “Buckets of Fun” (the source of all those bubbles and sidewalk chalk), and set up a Clean Streams, Clear Choices table to share information about keeping our community’s waterways clean.
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) taught people about emergency preparedness and how to sign up for CERT training.
  • Melanie Zermer from KMUZ, Salem’s community radio station, donated kid-sized hula hoops and gave some hula lessons to eager pupils.
  • Our great SESNA neighbors! The event wouldn’t have been any fun at all without all of you coming out on this sunny summer day to meet up and have a good time in one of our beautiful neighborhood parks. We can’t wait to see you again!

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