August Meeting

Our next SESNA Board meeting will be in Richmond School Park, on the east side of the Richmond School (take 24th Street SE south from Mill to the cul-de-sac). Come join us at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, August 28 for snacks and discussion.

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We’ll be making decisions about some important matters, and hope you’ll help!

  • Annual meeting date: Should we hold it on a Saturday afternoon in early November, or a weekday evening in October?
  • Annual meeting co-hosts: The meeting format will be an open house, with food, and tables where you can interact with various organizations. Who do you want to talk to or learn about?
  • Halloween: Boo! It is too late to assemble and promote a major event for late October/Halloween. Do we want to organize something small, like an early-evening Halloween parade or block party, for 2018? (Halloween’s a Wednesday this year.) Also, we’ll have discussion about a possible large event for 2019.
  • Salem Parks Improvement Grants: What do our parks need? We have to apply for grants soon, so get your ideas to us at this meeting, or by the end of this month.

But wait, there’s more! At Tuesday’s meeting, we will also hear from:

  • Anna Creswell about upcoming events at the Willamette Heritage Center;
  • Toni Kirk from the City of Salem about Mill Creek flooding matters;
  • City Council member Tom Andersen (if available); and
  • Announcements and good news from around the neighborhood.

SESNA Board meetings are open to the public. All residents of SESNA–owners or renters–or people representing businesses within SESNA are automatically members. We want to hear from you!

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