Annual Open House Voting Results: What You Want (and how you can help get it)

At SESNA’s October Open House and Annual Meeting, we asked you to vote on a few things. Here are results!

What project should we pursue for a Salem Parks Improvement Fund grant?

Options included:

  • Message boards/kiosks in parks
  • Upgraded trash collection, like solar-powered compactors in parks
  • Improved landscaping at Mill Race Park
  • Additional lighting at Lee Park
  • Other/your ideas

Dog Parks were suggested as an other idea.

The winner? With 21 votes, you chose additional lighting at Lee Park!

SESNA has submitted a letter of intent to apply for a grant of up to $20,000 toward Lee Park lighting. The full application is due in January; we will then likely need to start a fundraising effort. We’ll have two years to raise all necessary funds, and we hope you will help light Lee Park!

Who should be on the SESNA Board?

The current board was re-elected, and we are welcoming new board member Mary Gilds! Congratulations, Mary!

What do you want to see more of in SESNA?

We put up a big pad so people could write down their ideas. This wasn’t really a vote, just brainstorming. Here are the ideas people shared, and our responses or requests for your input:

  • State Street upgrades – Ped crossing, for example. Absolutely nothing has been done on the State Street Project.
    • Response: An excellent point! SESNA and NEN will be working together on letters to the City Council regarding the unmet promises made in the State Street Corridor Plan. What items are the most important to you? Send us an email or come to a meeting to share your thoughts. The Council-approved Plan is available at this link in the Project Documents.
  • More street lights!
    • Agreed! Where do you see a need for additional street lights? Send us an email and let us know where you see a need for lighting.
  • Holiday (Halloween, Christmas) decoration awards.
    • This is a neat idea and sounds like a lot of fun! Who would like to organize it? You don’t need to be a member of the board to start a fun neighborhood project. Come to a meeting or send us an email and we’ll help you get it rolling and partner with you!
  • Access to Mill Creek – Kayak, canoe, etc.
    • Mill Creek is a major feature in SESNA, and we agree that more ways to access it for the public are desirable. We have looked into the viability of canoeing and kayaking along the creek; once north of State Street, there are no dams and no low bridges all the way to the Willamette River! There are also good clearances starting upstream from the Forestry campus at State and Airport Road all the way to Cascades Gateway Park.
    • Note that the residential part of SESNA has the Waller Dam (just upstream of State Street at 19th, where the Mill Race branches off) and low bridge clearances at 21st, 23rd, and 25th, so this short stretch isn’t really viable for boating most of the time. That doesn’t mean the rest of the creek shouldn’t be paddled upon!
    • An outreach effort to increase access would start with the City of Salem and the other involved neighborhood associations: SEMCA, NEN, Grant, Highland. Who would like to lead this effort? Send us an email or come to a meeting! Remember, you don’t need to be on the board to lead a project.

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