What and where is SESNA, anyway?

The South East Salem Neighborhood Association is one of eighteen neighborhood associations in the City of Salem. The City created them as a means to ensure that all areas of Salem are represented when land use and other issues are being decided.

That doesn’t mean we’re limited to discussing land use decisions! SESNA is also your community organization. We are here to help unify our large and diverse “neighborhood”. Check out the image below:


Since SESNA is one of Salem’s older neighborhood associations, the City’s Historic Landmarks Commission declared it a “Heritage Neighborhood” in 2015. This led to the adorable “Heritage” street sign toppers you may have seen in parts of the neighborhood. Since “SESNA” isn’t meaningful to most, the board chose a series of “district” names for the older residential areas based on the historic plat/subdivision names. These names date to the 1930s or earlier.

  • University District is primarily the University Addition plat. It’s also east of Willamette University.
  • Capital Park includes both the Capital Park and Capital Home plats.
  • Richmond includes multiple smaller plats, and is centered on the Richmond School.
  • Depot Oaks is a combination of the three plats in the area, “Depot Addition”, “Oak Lodge”, and “Les Lyn Oaks”.

There are five more districts:

  • 12th-13th Streets Commercial Corridor
  • Mission Street Commercial Corridor
  • South 23rd/Electric Avenue, a mix of homes and small businesses
  • Brewery District/Southside Industrial
  • Eastside Industrial

We are a very diverse neighborhood. SESNA has approximately 5,000 residents, of whom 65% are renters and 35% homeowners. 30% of our population is Latinx. We also have over 300 businesses, ranging from food processors like Kettle Foods and Umpqua Dairy to big-box retailers like Costco to hotels to independent restaurants, multiple breweries and brewpubs, Oregon Glove, 13th Street Nursery, and Salem’s only year-round indoor Farmer’s Market.

We are comparable in size to towns like Tillamook and Junction City.

As a community organization, SESNA works to build connections not only between homeowners, but among all residents and the businesses and other organizations in our community. And we want you to join us!

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