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Summer activities risk

This writing was supposed to be about Salem’s iconic Saturday Market and how to walk there from our neighborhood, while seeing interesting things on the way. Sadly enough, reality has caught up to us, with rising numbers of COVID-19 infections. Promoting such a public gathering did no longer seem appropriate. Does this mean, we should […]


Do we forget again, or stand together?

There is no way around it; Oregon has a terrible history when it comes to racism. Up till 1928, Native American children were stolen from their families and put into christian-run boarding schools, to be forcibly indoctrinated into ‘civilized’ culture. At the onset of USA involvement in World War II in 1942, American-born US citizens […]

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A Heritage Neighborhood

On November 19, 2015 our neighborhood was designated as Salem’s second Heritage Neighborhood by the Salem Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC). SESNA will participate in the Heritage Neighborhood program through June 2017. This program was established to help encourage Salem neighborhoods to learn about their history and provide them with an opportunity to engage in a […]