Neighborhood Communication

Besides this website, SESNA communicates neighborhood relevant information through several platforms. You can find City of Salem press releases, changes in City ordinances, business service information etc.


The SESNA website provides an overview of our projects while also offering original in-depth writing on our neighborhood and related topics.


Facebook people to connect and share. Here we post and forward current news and announcements from the neighborhood, partners and City. This is also where our event calendar can be found.


Twitter carries, sometimes in abbreviated form, the same news and announcements posted to Facebook.

E-mail list

Another good way to receive the same news and announcements posted on Facebook and Twitter at home is to sign up for our email list.


Many neighbors are active on Nextdoor. Learn, among other things, who gives some plants away, found a lost dog, noticed a derelict vehicle, looks for help moving their lawn etc.

Nextdoor also provides non-exhaustive directories of neighbors, neighbor pets and local public agencies.


Nextdoor does not follow the City’s neighborhood division. On their website SESNA encompasses: Mill Race, The Flats and Southeast Park.