Geer Line Improvements

Project Overview

The Geer Line was a railroad spur that left the Union Pacific main line at 12th Street and headed east across the neighborhood, along modern-day Oak and Simpson streets.

In decades past, the old railroad tracks were taken up, and most of the right-of-way deeded to the City of Salem. Renovating the property for public use was discussed, with the ultimate objective being a linear park linking 25th Street, Richmond School Park, Lee Park, Aldrich Park/Bush Elementary, and 14th Street.

Today, parts of the property have become overgrown or littered with trash. Some has been purchased by neighboring property owners. Other areas are neglected and provide nothing of use or interest to the neighborhood. However, footpaths worn in the grass show that it is still used as an important bicycle and pedestrian route.

In November 2018, SESNA sponsored a cleanup of the Phase 1 area: The stretch of the Geer Line from 23rd to 25th Streets, adjacent to Richmond School.

Geer Line Phase 1: 23rd Street to 25th Street

What are the goals?

Starting with Phase 1:

  • Develop neighborhood sense of ownership of the Line
  • Maintain regular litter clearing along the Line
  • Collaborate with neighbors and schools to plan uses for stretches of the Line that reflect and respect community identities, needs, and wishes
  • Obtain funding to redevelop and maintain each phase of the Line

What’s next?

SESNA has a litter pickup coming soon! This is a great time to come out and share your ideas for Phase 1 and for the entire Line.

We will be reaching out to neighbors, schools, and other groups in the spring of 2019 to start a conversation about the future of Phase 1 and all of the Line.

Timeline to Date

November 2018: First “Deep Clean” of Phase 1 removes a dozen bags of trash and piles of weeds, blackberry thickets, and other debris.