Below is an ever-expanding list of resources available to residents and business operators in SESNA. Let us know via the Contact Form if something should be added!

  • Help Homeless/Unhoused Neighbors
    • The ARCHES Project provides a dayroom with free lunch; operates nighttime warming centers during winter; helps connect people with housing; provides emergency utility assistance; and much more.
  • Get Food Assistance
    • Marion-Polk Food Share partners with many different programs, including some within SESNA. Check out the information here and look under South/Southeast.
  • Report a Crime or Hate/Bias Incident
  • Report a Neighborhood Problem or Problem Property
    • Things like overgrown grass, derelict buildings, cars in front yards, garbage, shopping carts, unauthorized or unsafe additions to buildings
  • Sign up for Head Start Preschool
    • Head Start provides early childhood education, nutrition, mental health disability support, and family services for kids aged 3-5 in low-income families. Find out more and apply here.