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Walk to the Saturday Market, and tour interesting sights along the way

The Salem Saturday Market near the Capitol is an endearing staple of our city. A good place for lunch or to pick up local produce and gifts. And who hasn’t discovered a new sweet to try or stared at a weird vegetable you never knew was locally grown? This article will show you how to walk to the market and see something interesting on the way.

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Halloween, safe and fun

Halloween, Oregon’s favorite holiday, is only days away. In the face of 2020, what recommendations are there to give? This year Salem City Police is not organising a Halloween Dress Rehearsal. Although last year’s safety tips for going around the neighborhood still stand. Similarly, the Salem Public Library is not hosting a Haunted House. Nor will the […]

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Summer activities risk

This writing was supposed to be about Salem’s iconic Saturday Market and how to walk there from our neighborhood, while seeing interesting things on the way. Sadly enough, reality has caught up to us, with rising numbers of COVID-19 infections. Promoting such a public gathering did no longer seem appropriate. Does this mean, we should […]